Existentialism: A Strategic Perspective


I am the wound and the knife
The coming flood, Adreas Barba

I strongly believe that individual struggles have a universal quality to them, here’s to sharing some difficult lessons/ reflections that helped me recover along the way
*And I’d like to remind you, the reader, that I’ve struggled with the same issues that plague our generation in no particular order

  1. A certain lack of shame can benefit you
  2. Always categorize people as those who deserve a second chance and those who don’t
  3. Don’t over budget emotion
  4. Ask yourself – How exactly can you offer yourself up, without damaging yourself? Because you have to.
  5. Dissect awkward conversations – This will be the most difficult thing you did – do it anyway
  6. Every now and then you ought to sit down with ‘the truth’ – Own it without trying to fix it, change it or judge it for what it is
  7. Depriving yourself of something you really enjoy every day can go a long way in building emotional resilience and mental stamina
  8. And last but not the least (also a personal favorite) – If you can’t talk your way out of it, write your way out of it

Updates to THE LIST coming our* way

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